To Go

Korte film door collectief GUAP, in 2018 en 2019 te zien op verschillende Europese filmfestivals – meer informatie

A group of millennials is dropped in the woods and deducted of their mobile phones, for  a mandatory relaxation session without distractions.

To Go is a dystopian short about young people and the pressure of performance society.


Cast & crew

Directed by: Ahmed Hammadi & Richard Jongeneelen

Script: Richard Jongeneelen

Producer: Ahmed Hammadi

DoP: Rens Beks

1st AD: Daan van Zuylen

Sound Recordist: Niels Pruissen

Editor & Colorist: Danny Houtkamp

Composer: Tommy Ventevogel


Cast: Nick van Dijk, Yik Yang, Ashley Boom